Welcome Back

Well, since my last post I have gone gluten free, mostly dairy free and I am avoiding desserts. For someone who is an admitted "Foodie" this has not been easy, but health issues will make you do things that you never thought you would. I wish I could say this has made me well or that my myriad visits to doctors has helped but it has not. As the doctors put it, "We have ruled out many things." It is good to know that God is in control even when we are not.

I am doing a fantastic bible study by Priscilla Shirer called Gideon - Your weakness, God's strength. How appropriate! The girls are doing really well. They will finish fourth and first grade this year. I see the residuals of trauma slowly departing bit by bit.

 I had hoped to get the Adoptive/Foster Mom's ministry off of the ground but I was sidelined by my illness. We have changed the name of the larger ministry to Hope Tree. I like that name so much better! The former name given by the church was Fatherless Ministry, which just seemed so wrong. Anyway, once again we are trying to get this ministry on its feet. But, unless the Lord builds the house...... its builder builds in vain..... so true. It will ultimately be His timing and help that gets this off of the ground. Lord, use my weakness to show your strength!


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