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An Exerpt From My Future Book

Chapter 1

I had screwed up and I was filled with fear that my family would not make it through this trauma intact! My mind was overwhelmed by the emotion and it was not just dwelling there but it had set up camp and made it home! The worst common denominator was ever-present before my eyes. Where I lived was the opposite of faith and I was sad to admit it. Where I lived was called FEAR!
We had just moved back to Georgia after spending fifteen months in Montana for my husbands job. Joelle had been in our home eight months when we were required to move to Montana for Mike's job. After repeated attempts to extricate himself from this move my husband was told that it was imperative that he go to Montana. 
Normally, I loved change and was up for an adventure especially if it involved travel! But, this time was different, we had a new daughter who was getting accustomed to her new family and home. She was not adjusting well so the thought of moving her cross country from Georgia to Montana…

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