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Living in the Kingdom of Heaven While We are on Earth

So, it has been a really, really long time since my last post! Much of it due to being ill and yet needing to continue on as a Mother. What do you let go? Well, the blog of course! But, in addition to that I just did not feel like I had anything to SAY. Period. So, I didn't... say anything.

I attended a Created For Care retreat this past weekend in Atlanta for Adoptive and Foster Moms. It was my first year attending and I was so blessed by the speakers, the music and the ministry! God spoke to me so clearly all weekend long through an incredible speaker named Beth Guckenberger. She and her husband  have served as missionaries in Mexico for the last sixteen years.

She opened the weekend by speaking on Mathew 11. Are you tired? Well, I think everyone in the room could say Yes to that, all 450 of us! How does one have Shalom while we live on this fallen earth? We are not in heaven yet,but is it possible to have that peace while living on earth? She continued the message on Saturday b…

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