School Is Back In Session

The girls started back to school last week! Zoe was very excited and Joelle was fearful. We had three days of regression in the form of spitting and pinching. It took me a day or two to get what she was afraid of - duh! I finally was able to talk to her about it and I brought her in closer but unfortunately never figured out how to stop the behavior.It resolved itself when she met her new teacher. She is so wonderful and sweet and we are very happy about that.

 I know she was worried about the time she would be away from Mommy as well. The thought of spending so many hours away from me after the summer really scared her. We had also had more incidents of her being fearful of sleeping away from home. We tried to keep our schedule slow but we did visit Mike's parents in NY and then my parents in SC for one night. Both times she was very fearful whereas before she never had been. I "feel" like this is due to her increasing attachment to our family. It becomes more scary when you are attaching to and loving your new family. Then you have to worry about them leaving, getting lost, or someone taking you away:(

Thankfully things have settled back into place and she seems more secure. We love both teachers that the girls got!


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