An Update

I had my third Adoptive/Foster Mom's Tea last week. I'm not really happy with the name. It is kind of long and just seems uninspired to me. Our church is in the process of renaming our Fatherless Ministry as well. Calling children Fatherless is not really true, in my opinion, as I feel that God is their father at all times even before they are placed with their forever family. My husband came up with the name Hope Tree. The tree represents the family of God and how He grafts us all into His family. Scripture tells us that all believers are "adopted" by God. We are all in need of hope and healing and the ONLY one who can heal us and give us hope is Jesus Christ.

Anyway, I guess it could be called Hope Tree Tea? It kind of flows off the tongue I think. We will see. There were four of us at the tea, which actually worked out well. Sometimes it is hard to talk about highly personal and private subjects in a large group. Having a smaller group of people allowed for more freedom in sharing. I think everyone left feeling more hopeful and encouraged. It's always good to know we are not alone in what we are experiencing. Those of us who are on the backside of difficult times can encourage those who are still in the midst of them. There IS hope, they DO heal, we CAN change and God WILL NOT leave us where we are if we trust and follow Him. NO situation is impossible for Him even if it appears that way to us.

These pictures are taken at a local farm that grows sunflowers. They are in bloom now and the family allows people to take family pictures with the flowers as a backdrop or you can purchase sunflowers from them. I added these pictures because when I see sunflowers they make me happy. I guess they sort of represent joyfulness and hope to me:)


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